Azziad Responds To Those Claiming She Is Too Old To Be 23 Years

Radio personality and TikTok sensation, Azziad Nasenya, recently celebrated her birthday, revealing that she had turned 23 years old. However, many Kenyans expressed doubts about her age, suggesting that she claims to be 23 every year. Some even went as far as stating that she appeared too old to be 23.

In response to the skepticism surrounding her age, Azziad decided to address the issue directly. During an interview with Radio Maisha, the actress acknowledged that she faces scrutiny regarding her age every year.

She stated, “Every year… When I turned 21, there was an issue. As time went on, the issue persisted. I wonder if I have another mother on the internet that I’m unaware of. One common criticism I receive is that I look older than my age, which is normal and perfectly fine. It’s acceptable to appear older than your actual age. However, if I state that I’m 10 or 16, and you believe it’s false, why would you dispute someone else’s age? What’s your problem?”

Azziad firmly expressed that those who constantly doubt her age and share negative comments suffer from a “condition” known as limited thinking. She further added that these skeptics harbor bitterness due to the achievements she has accomplished at such a young age.

“I have come to realize that some people have what we call limited thinking. Limited thinking is when you believe that because I’m 20 years old, anyone else who is 20 should not have achieved certain things. According to their narrow mindset, only individuals older than a certain age should be capable of such accomplishments. Even older people than me take issue with my achievements at a young age. I think it stems from a sense of bitterness,” she explained.

In conclusion, Azziad Nasenya, the renowned radio personality and TikTok star, addressed the recurring doubts about her age. Despite the criticism she receives, she remains confident in her appearance and accomplishments, dismissing the negativity as a result of limited thinking and bitterness from others.