The Rays: Meet Couple making 50,000 shillings per week from sleeping the whole Day

Imagine earning money while peacefully sleeping during the day! This is the intriguing tale of a young Kenyan couple who have managed to make Ksh.50,000 simply by turning their slumber into a source of income.

TikTok sensations Raymax and Maycee Ochieng, famously known as The Ray’s, have found a lucrative niche in broadcasting their bedtime routine on TikTok. They go live from their bed, letting their audience watch them as they doze off, with the live stream continuing until the early morning hours.

In a recent interview, Maycee Ochieng shared that there was a week when they raked in over Ksh.60,000 from their unique sleeping broadcasts.

“There was a week when we earned over Sh.60,000. We woke up one day with Sh.20,000, the next day Sh.30,000, and then Sh.10,000. While people do sleep at night, our followers witnessed us sleeping during the day as well,” she explained.

Despite their initial success, Maycee revealed that their weekly earnings have experienced a slight decline. She attributed this to the short attention span of Kenyans, stating that some fans have gradually lost interest in watching them sleep day in and day out.

“Currently, I cannot say it is as good as before. Kenyans lose interest quickly in one type of content. At the moment, our earnings are not as impressive,” she added.

Maycee reminisced about the days when their fans were captivated by their content, sending gifts that resulted in earnings of up to Sh60,000 in a single week. Their success was so significant that they were able to move from the Kibera slums to a spacious two-bedroom apartment.

The TikTok duo emphasized that people were fascinated by the novelty of watching a couple sleep during daylight hours, challenging the conventional notion that sleep only occurs at night.

However, the couple acknowledges that creating content centered around sleep has its challenges. Ray mentioned that they often receive harsh comments and insults from fans, with some suggesting they find more conventional jobs.

Nevertheless, Ray defends their choice, asserting that sleeping is their full-time job because it generates income. He challenges those who criticize them as lazy, urging them to attempt sleeping throughout the day to understand the physical toll it takes.

“Some people think that it’s easy, but it’s quite tiring to sleep during the day. Imagine sleeping for over six hours in one position because you have to face the camera. Sometimes I have to go off-camera and stretch,” Ray explained.

Maycee added that their videos aim to spread love and showcase their contentment with each other. She clarified that their content does not encourage laziness but serves as a testament to the enduring power of love.

Despite the challenges, the couple remains optimistic about the future, mentioning that they have been approached by companies for potential brand endorsements, which could further boost their earnings.