“We will only accept money as gifts at my upcoming daughter’s wedding,” Pastor Nganga now says as her daughter is set to wed a Nairobi-based accountant

Grace Neema Wanjiku Maina, the second child of Pastor James Ng’ang’a, founder of Neno Evangelism, is poised to embark on a new chapter in her life as she prepares to marry Shem Mugo on December 23, 2023.

Born to Pastor James Ng’ang’a and his late wife, Esther, Wanjiku holds the second position among the four siblings in the family.

The upcoming wedding ceremony is set to take place at the Neno Evangelism Centre, starting at 10:00 am, as indicated in the invitation circulated via Nairobi News.

The invitation, bearing the blessings of both families, extends a warm welcome to guests to witness and partake in the celebration of love between Wanjiku and Shem.

What distinguishes this wedding is the explicit mention in the invitation that the couple prefers monetary gifts over other types of presents.

The invitation, jointly signed by the families of Apostle Dr James Maina Nganga and Dr Gabriel Mugo Muruatetu, emphasizes this preference, establishing a clear expectation for attendees.

Wanjiku, a legal professional, completed her studies at Daystar University and is on the verge of joining the Kenya School of Law. Her soon-to-be spouse, Shem, is employed as an accountant in Nairobi.

In an exclusive conversation with Nairobi News, Pastor Ng’ang’a shed light on his daughter’s choice for monetary gifts, expressing concerns about the diverse nature of gifts received during weddings.

He voiced a desire to avoid what he termed as “uchawi gifts,” indicating that not all gifts are well-intentioned.

“Not everyone wishes you well during your wedding; some people present unusual gifts like tissue papers and sanitary towels. My daughter has requested people who want to gift her to do so in the form of money,” explained Ngang’a.