Esther Musila Insists Guardian Angel Makes Her Feel Like A Baby Again

Esther Musila expressed that she perceives herself as youthful, attributing her age-defying appearance to the affection she receives from her 35-year-old spouse, Guardian Angel. In an interview on Clouds FM, the 53-year-old shared how grateful she is for the rejuvenating effects of her husband’s love.

Musila openly discussed her appreciation for the love bestowed upon her by Guardian Angel, emphasizing that she is relishing the deep connection they share. She humorously acknowledged that her husband’s ex-girlfriends leaving him paved the way for her to experience this profound love.

Moreover, Musila credited the fulfillment in her life to the prayers that were answered, leading to her union with Guardian Angel. She expressed contentment with the love he has showered upon her, likening the experience to that of a child due to the immense affection she feels.

Guardian Angel, in response to concerns about the age difference and public opinions, revealed that such matters never bother him. He emphasized that what truly matters to him is his own happiness in the relationship with Esther Musila.