“Nimeenda international” – David Moya explains why he stopped surprising the needy in streets

TikToker and dancer David Moya has recently responded to rumors surrounding his reduced involvement in surprising Mama Mbogas and helping the less fortunate on the streets, addressing the claims during an interview with Eve Mungai. It appears that Moya’s focus has shifted more towards his business endeavors rather than content creation.

During the interview, Moya acknowledged the existence of individuals who lack genuineness. However, he also revealed that he has established his own charity with the aim of assisting those in society who are less fortunate. This endeavor reflects his dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Moya clarified that he hasn’t been actively filming videos on the streets as he used to because his charity takes a proactive approach in identifying individuals in need and providing them with long-term support. He emphasized that this commitment requires a more professional approach, especially considering his international travels to various countries, where he has carried out similar acts of kindness.

The TikToker further explained that simply delivering a package of maize flour or any other immediate aid would be futile in the long run. Instead, his charity focuses on addressing the underlying issues faced by individuals in need, aiming to provide sustainable solutions. Moya recognized that a one-time delivery of aid might not be sufficient, as the recipients would still require assistance the following day, especially if he is not physically present to provide it.

By taking a more strategic and long-term approach through his charity, Moya hopes to make a lasting difference in the lives of those he assists, regardless of his physical presence. His international experiences have broadened his perspective and led him to realize the importance of implementing sustainable methods of support for the less fortunate.