“Anafanana Chura” Dem Wa Facebook Bodyshames Pritty Vishy.

The renowned and exceptionally humorous comedian, Dem Wa Facebook, has once again grabbed the spotlight, this time for targeting Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend, Pritty Vishy.

In a recent interview conducted by the articulate YouTuber Trudy Kitui, Dem Wa Facebook took the opportunity to jest about Pritty Vishy’s appearance while cautioning Stivo Simple Boy against any thoughts of reconciliation.

Initially perceived as a lighthearted or perhaps joking interview, the comedian decided to delve into more personal territory by drawing an amusing comparison between Pritty Vishy’s looks and those of a frog. Not stopping there, she playfully ridiculed the size and shape of Pritty’s posterior.

Adding to the banter, Dem Wa Facebook remarked that upon closer inspection, Pritty resembled a Stoney bottle (a type of soda or soft drink). Asserting her own attractiveness, the comedian boldly stated that she surpasses Pritty Vishy in terms of allure.

In a piece of advice directed at Simple Boy, Dem Wa Facebook suggested that if he is considering falling in love once again, he ought to seek out a more petite companion like herself, steering clear of individuals with ample behinds akin to Pritty Vishy’s.