I Have A Wife But I Charge Women 2K To Feast On Their Rosecoco” A Luhya Man With Big Cassava Reveals. -

I Have A Wife But I Charge Women 2K To Feast On Their Rosecoco” A Luhya Man With Big Cassava Reveals.

A Kenyan gentleman and a content creator hailing from the Western region, who goes by the name Barak, has caused quite a commotion on the internet. His reason for the stir? An open revelation about his unusually large genitalia, often colloquially referred to as a ‘cucumber’.

In a conversation with Nicholas Kioko, Barak, a 24-year-old individual with a degree in Information Technology from NIBS College, shared that he views this physical attribute as a unique blessing and has chosen to capitalize on it.

Despite being a husband and a father of one, Barak found that his substantial size became a challenge for his wife. Their intimate moments were plagued with discomfort and pain due to his remarkable proportions. Consequently, the couple reached an agreement: his wife would assist him in finding paid partnerships, allowing him to satiate his desires without causing her distress.

Barak unveiled that his strategy involves charging women Ksh. 2000 for an intimate encounter, with the capacity to engage with three to four women in a single day. This undertaking has not only enabled him to sustain his livelihood but also to cover his expenses adequately.

Within the course of the interview, the young man highlighted that his endurance owes not only to his endowed dimensions but also to a specific herbal powder called ‘Mkombero’, predominantly sourced from Western Kenya.

Displaying contentment with his distinctive attribute, Barak indicated that he has lost track of the number of individuals he has engaged with. Thanks to his wife’s efforts, he has connected with over 40 different women, not to mention the numerous requests he receives for his services. This occupation has proven financially rewarding, affording him a comfortable and desirable lifestyle.