KRG Thee Don To Kenyans: Uko Maskini Kwa Sababu Ya Ujinga Yako

The Mambo Imechemka artist, known as KRG The Don, has shared valuable advice with the online community through a widely circulated video, urging them to adopt a more strategic approach and cease lamenting about the prevailing economic challenges.

In his viral video, the musician asserts that a significant number of Kenyans find themselves trapped in poverty due to a lack of education. According to KRG The Don, instead of seizing the opportunity presented by the current rainfall to engage in agricultural investments, many Kenyans are preoccupied with unrelated pursuits.

He alleges that a considerable portion of economically disadvantaged individuals, upon acquiring modest sums of money, tend to prioritize social events over economic ventures. In his words, “Wewe uko maskini kwa sababu ya ujinga yako. Ukipata elfu Tano, unaingia disco, unakunywa yote fyu!”

KRG emphasizes the correlation between intelligence and wealth, stating, “The day you’ll realize that hakuna tajiri mjinga hii dunia, utakuwa na akili. Hakuna tajiri yoyote ni mjinga.” Encouraging a shift in mindset, he, whose real name is Stephen Karuga, advocates for Kenyan youth to cultivate a business-oriented mindset, fostering ideas and investments as a means to overcome poverty in contemporary Kenya.

He observes that despite the prevailing economic conditions, many individuals are reluctant to save for rainy days. KRG remarks, “Sahisi na hii economy mkiambiwa save for rain days hamtaki kusave. Mkipata ka mshahara, mnataka kudance kama ma mwehu.”

Beyond his outspoken and controversial persona, KRG The Don is a millionaire with official authorization from Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) to raise small wild animals such as monkeys. He gained prominence in early April following a public dispute with rapper Stevo Simple Boy regarding music content and production.

At present, KRG holds the copyright for his popular phrase “Mambo Imechemka,” derived from his song of the same name.