Dancing Chief Says Viral Video Was Recorded During An ‘Undercover Assignment’ In A Bar

“Baby”, as he is popularly known in his hometown in Kisumu, went viral after a video of him dancing to the popular hit song ‘Kuna Kuna’ surfaced online during the festive season and he has dominated the meme industry ever since.

In the video, Baby, real name John Ogilo Migun, is seen busting choreographed moves that are perfectly flawed inside an entertainment joint- the ideal threshold of a dance video that is satisfying to watch.

Speaking on Monday, Migun narrated that the video was randomly shot when had visited the premise “to have late lunch” while conducting an “undercover investigation” on drug consumption.

“The video was totally random I had not planned for it. We had finished doing our patrol and in the evening we went to have late lunch then we entered there where we were conducting some undercover investigations on drug abuse,” said Migun.

While handling his business, Migun added, “that is when the music was played, and I love it, so when I was dancing to it someone recorded it.”

Thanks to the now-viral video, Migun says that he has broken the ice with residents and the youth who “feared him” and now have much free interaction.

Migun says that his war on combating drug abuse in the area has been made easier now that he easily gains access to information on the joints where the substances are sold.

“It has definitely created a better interaction with the youth because they now come to my office because of the