‘I never cheated on Joho’ Betty Kyallo opens up on her relationship with ex-governor

Media personality Betty Kyallo has revealed that she maintains a good friendship with her ex-boyfriend, former Mombasa governor Hassan Joho, despite assumptions made by the public. During an interview with Massawe Japanni, Betty refuted claims that she was asked to return a car that Joho had supposedly bought for her during a traffic incident.

When Massawe questioned Betty about rumors of the car being repossessed by Joho, Betty firmly denied the allegations and emphasized that Joho is a true gentleman. She asserted that they are still friends to this day, stating, “That story was completely false. It never happened. He has always been a kind person, and we remain friends. We have a great relationship.”

Betty also mentioned their previous happiness together, indicating that they had enjoyed a positive and fulfilling time as a couple. However, when asked about the reasons for their breakup, Betty couldn’t provide a precise explanation. She did mention that Joho took care of her expenses, including paying for her DSTv subscription, for an entire year after their separation.

“He is genuinely a good person. None of those negative things happened. We had an amicable separation. For a whole year, he took care of everything, including the DSTv subscription. He really looked after me,” Betty expressed. Her sister, Mercy Kyallo, added that the breakup was handled through a conversation about how Joho could provide support if needed.

Massawe then asked Betty if she had been unfaithful during their relationship, to which Betty replied, “Do you think I’m the type to cheat? I don’t know how to cheat.”

Further in the interview, Massawe inquired whether Betty would consider rekindling their relationship if Joho were to return. Betty responded by expressing her current happiness and contentment with her current partner, stating, “I am currently happy. I am happy with whomever I am with.”

In summary, Betty Kyallo clarified that she and Hassan Joho remain good friends despite any assumptions made by the public. She denied allegations of a car being repossessed and highlighted Joho’s kind nature. While the exact reasons for their breakup were unclear, Betty acknowledged Joho’s support after the separation. She emphasized her fidelity and expressed her satisfaction with her current relationship.