‘Sisi Vienyeji Tunapendanga wanaume Wananuka Jasho’ -Awinja, Wilbroda Confession

Actresses Jacquey Nyaminde, famously known as Wilbroda, and Jacky Vike, also recognized as Awinja, recently shared insights into their romantic inclinations, notably focusing on an unconventional aspect—body odour.

During an interview with the YouTube channel SPM Buzz, the duo clarified their single status. “I want to clarify that my friend and I here are not married, okay? We are both single,” stated Wilbroda.

They admitted to a preference for men whose scent reflects hard work-induced sweat. “Let me tell you, Nyaminde and I share one problem. We love men who exude that scent of hard work,” Awinja confessed, a sentiment echoed by Wilbroda.

It’s important to highlight that the allure lies in the natural essence of sweat, not in poor hygiene. “It’s a particular type of sweat, you know, it’s your natural scent, not the smell of dirt,” Awinja explained.

Wilbroda expressed her openness to inviting a random motorcycle taxi rider into her home if he possesses that specific captivating aroma. “There’s a certain scent I’ve mentioned before, particularly with motorcycle riders. There’s one that smells bad, but there’s another one, you know, where he may have taken a shower but he has been working hard all day,” she elaborated.

Awinja added that the appeal is heightened when the individual with the sweat-induced scent is clad in a vest or a reflective jacket. “Now, just imagine he’s wearing his vest or reflector, or whatever it is he has on,” Awinja remarked.

In addition to their unusual olfactory preferences, both Awinja and Wilbroda navigate the complexities of single motherhood. While Awinja’s romantic life remains relatively private, she has been romantically linked with comedian Cyprian Osoro. In a notable incident last year, Awinja and Osoro staged a fake traditional wedding, later revealed to be a promotional tactic for their upcoming YouTube show.

Wilbroda, on the other hand, was previously married but has since separated from her husband. In a candid 2021 interview, she attributed the breakdown of her marriage partly to the constant presence of her relatives in her home. Reflecting on this, she acknowledged her role in the situation, recognizing that her tendency to host her relatives may have contributed to her marriage’s demise.

Wilbroda has implemented boundaries to safeguard her personal space, refraining from entertaining visitors, including her relatives. Furthermore, she opened up about her experience of pregnancy loss, which occurred years ago on Mother’s Day, highlighting the emotional challenges she has endured.