Stivo Simple boy,Class 8 Drop Out, Former Watchman, Who is Making Money From Music

Stephen Otieno Adera, better known as Stivo Simple Boy, epitomizes the adage that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. Originating from a modest background in Homabay, he has now ascended to financial prosperity through his music career.

Born in 1990 in Oyugis, Homabay county, Stivo commenced his education in Homabay, completing up to class seven before his family relocated to the Kibera Slums in Nairobi. Despite his relocation, he was unable to pursue further education due to financial constraints, compounded by his self-admitted struggles with academic learning.

Following his departure from formal education, Stivo ventured into the workforce, initially finding employment as a security guard for a company. However, his tenure was short-lived as an incident involving theft during his shift led to his dismissal.

Subsequently, Stivo transitioned to the construction industry, where he labored for three years before his breakthrough in music.

Stivo’s passion for music had been evident since his youth, nurtured by his affinity for Kiswahili during his schooling years. Even while engaged in manual labor, he would often serenade his colleagues with his songs. His breakout track, “Mihadharati,” was conceived during his time in the construction field.

The turning point in Stivo’s career arrived when he was featured on Chipukeezy’s show on Ebru TV in 2019, propelling his music video for “Mihadharati” to viral status. Despite facing both admiration for his lyrical content and ridicule for his appearance, Stivo began to gain widespread recognition.

However, his initial success was marred by exploitation from his former management, leading to financial struggles despite his growing fame. Fortunately, a new management team stepped in to support him, enabling him to regain control over his earnings.

With hits like “Freshi” and “Barida,” Stivo Simple Boy’s popularity continued to soar, securing lucrative performance opportunities and endorsement deals. Notably, his partnership with Odi Bet proved lucrative, earning him substantial sums, including enough to construct a home for his parents.

As of 2022, Stivo has established himself as one of Kenya’s prominent celebrities, enjoying a comfortable lifestyle and financial stability derived from his music career. His journey from humble beginnings to mainstream success serves as an inspiration, illustrating the transformative power of perseverance and talent.