Njoki Daniel, kitengela Juice vendor who started Business with Ksh 500 loan

Njoki Daniel, the owner of Njoki’s Fruit World, has been making waves on Twitter lately due to her successful business selling fruits, fruit juices, smoothies, salads, milkshakes, and detox juices. She started her business in Kitengela at the age of 24 to support her studies on campus.

Starting with only Sh. 600 as initial capital, Njoki began selling fruit juices five years ago. She recalls how difficult it was to sell fruits in offices, as hawking was prohibited in some offices. Despite these setbacks, Njoki persevered and managed to save up some money, building a sustainable network of loyal clients. Eventually, she was able to build a physical shop and stop hawking fruits.

Njoki used social media to market her business, which has become one of her greatest assets. Through online platforms, she has managed to attract lots of clients and uses online delivery methods to ensure her products reach customers who are not able to access her physically.

Despite her success, Njoki faces challenges such as climate change, which makes it difficult to find fruits and unpredictable to tell when some fruits will finally hit the markets. However, she saves three months’ worth of rent to deal with such challenges.

Njoki’s future plans include expanding her business and opening branches in other places to provide employment opportunities for other women. She encourages young people to find something to do instead of waiting for a white-collar job, and believes that with determination, resilience, and social media, anyone can start a successful business.