” Endelea Kutuonyesha Nyash kabisaa Wengine Wakizaa” Kenyans Bash Mungai Eve

The increasing pressure for Mungai Eve to conceive is reaching new heights. Online communities in Kenya have intensified their calls for Eve and Trevor to start a family, arguing that the couple is at an ideal age for parenthood.

The situation escalated when popular content creator and commentator, along with his girlfriend Moureen Ngigi, announced their pregnancy. Instead of merely extending congratulations, many online users seized the opportunity to criticize Mungai Eve and Trevor.

A portion of the online community directly tagged Eve in posts, questioning why she has not yet become pregnant. Some went further to criticize her, accusing her of being overly focused on self-promotion while other power couples are expanding their families and progressing in matters of family life.

In response to these comments, Eve conveyed that she refuses to succumb to societal pressures. She emphasized that she will only welcome a child into her life when the timing is right. Eve clarified that she is not currently prepared for such a responsibility and will only embrace parenthood when she is confident in her ability to provide for her child.

It’s noteworthy that this is not the first time Mungai Eve has faced such pressure; it first began in 2021. Despite the persistent calls, she has remained steadfast in her decision not to yield to societal expectations.