Kenyan Pastor Closes Church After Winning Ksh.100 Million Jackpot,”Nimepata chenye nilikuwa nataka he says”

Prepare to be astonished as Pastor Tim from kenya has made a jaw-dropping decision to close down his church, and the reason behind it is nothing short of extraordinary. This unconventional move comes after Pastor Tim struck gold in the realm of sports betting, raking in a whopping 100 million in winnings (equivalent to Ksh 3,480,000).

For the locals, this twist in events is nothing short of bewildering. Pastor Tim was known for organizing large-scale crusades in the neighborhood, where he shared captivating testimonies of divine encounters and performed miraculous healings, leaving his congregation in awe.

However, in a surprising revelation during an interview, Pastor Tim shattered the illusion of his divine calling. He confessed that his initial motive for establishing the church wasn’t driven by a higher purpose but rather by the desire to replicate the financial success he witnessed in other pastors.

In a candid admission, Pastor Tim disclosed that he turned to gambling when he realized that his aspirations of wealth through the church were far-fetched. Over time, he began diverting church offerings and tithes towards his gambling endeavors, even fabricating church projects to fund his bets.

Now, having amassed considerable wealth through sports betting, Pastor Tim is contemplating a new direction. His true passion lies in entrepreneurship, and he plans to invest his winnings in establishing a thriving business and acquiring luxury possessions.

The closure of his church marks the end of one chapter for Pastor Tim, but it signals the beginning of an exciting new venture fueled by unexpected fortunes.