“Shock as Pastor Jumps from Building and Dies After a Lady Whom He Educated at the University Dumps Him for Another Man -

“Shock as Pastor Jumps from Building and Dies After a Lady Whom He Educated at the University Dumps Him for Another Man

A tragic incident unfolded involving a pastor affiliated with a Pentecostal Church in Nigeria, who tragically ended his own life by leaping from a two-story building. The event was triggered by a romantic discord.

As reported by Punch magazine in Nigeria, the individual in question was Prosper, a 30-year-old pastor. He took the drastic step of jumping from the building, resulting in his immediate demise. The reason behind this heart-wrenching act was attributed to the actions of his partner. She had invested a substantial amount of time caring for him before eventually leaving him.

A relative of the deceased, who shared their insights with journalists, revealed that Prosper had a history with his partner dating back to their time as students at university. Regrettably, his proposal of marriage to her was declined. The unfortunate incident transpired the previous month and has raised questions about the circumstances that led a 30-year-old pastor like Prosper to take such a drastic measure.

The relative conveyed, “The individual in question, Igboke, was 30 years old when he met his tragic end. He had intended to marry his partner, who he had supported through her university education. However, she disappointed him by rejecting his proposal.”

The relative expressed surprise at the pastor’s actions, stating, “It’s disheartening that a man of his age, and someone who held a pastoral role, would resort to such an extreme step.”

In accordance with local customs, the relative mentioned that Prosper was laid to rest in a secluded area within his community’s forest. This act of burial was described as a response to what was perceived as a “blasphemy.”

“In the end, he was interred on a Friday, in a remote spot within his community,” the source shared.

Regrettably, instances where men take their own lives due to mistreatment by their partners, despite having dedicated their efforts and resources, are not infrequent. These incidents serve as poignant reminders of the consequences that can arise from such situations, prompting society to reflect on lessons learned from past occurrences.