Niko na Bibi But I Charge Women 2K To Eat Their Rosecoco” Man With Big MJULUS Reveals

Barak, a Kenyan content creator hailing from the Western region, has gained widespread attention for openly discussing a unique aspect of himself – his unusually large genitalia, playfully referred to as a ‘cucumber.’

In an interview with Nicholas Kioko, the 24-year-old graduate in Information Technology from NIBS college revealed that he embraces his well-endowed nature and has decided to turn it into a source of income.

Despite being married with a child, Barak faced challenges in his intimate relationship due to his substantial size, causing discomfort for his wife. In response, they reached an agreement, with his wife taking on the role of arranging paid encounters for him to fulfill his desires adequately.

Barak shared that, as a sought-after commodity, he charges women Ksh. 2000 for intimate engagements. On average, he engages with three to four women per day, allowing him to support himself financially and cover his expenses.

During the interview, Barak disclosed his secret to prolonged stamina. In addition to his natural endowment, he credits the use of a specific herbal powder called ‘Mkombero,’ primarily found in Western Kenya, for his ability to last longer during intimate encounters.

Expressing satisfaction with his size, Barak mentioned that his body count remains unknown, as his wife has connected him with over 40 different women, and more requests continue to pour in. Despite the unconventional nature of his job, it has proven to be lucrative, providing Barak with a comfortable lifestyle.