"Pia Wewe Ni Mwizi" Ruto Loses His Tempers Today, Angrily Claims Real Thieves in Uhuru's Govt

“Pia Wewe Ni Mwizi” Ruto Loses His Tempers , Angrily Claims Real Thieves are in Uhuru’s Govt

Deputy President William Ruto has angrily revived his political stacks on his political foes, saying that it’s sad that the fight against corruption has been weaponized to make it look like political allies have been looting public resources among other graft related activities.

Talking during another meeting attended by UDA allies from the Diaspora counties in his Karen home, the second in Command has once again lost his tempers when he claimed that Uhuru and Raila are currently surrounded by thugs, criminals, and gangsters who have been hiding there in the name of the handshake deal.

William Ruto has questioned what befallen the KEMSA scandal that saw billions of Kenyans taxpayers money disappear miraculously despite the fact that the suspected leaders are currently walking freely, and issuing lectures, and threatening to kick him out of the already dead Ruling Jubilee Party.

“We’ve hear and seen some people issuing lectures and threatening my supporters. This is shame of the highest order and shouldn’t be tolerated in this nation… Pia wewe Ni Mwizi Mkubwa Sana kwa sababu pesa ya KEMSA ilienda wapi na Kampuni imetajwa na Jina Lako. This thing shouldn’t be weaponized,” Ruto Told UDA allies.