Shock as man presents self to Police after killing his father & stepmother

In a tragic incident that shook the Kiirua area of Meru County, a man is purported to have committed the gruesome act of slaughtering both his biological father and stepmother, only to later surrender to the authorities, wielding the murder weapon stained with blood.

The sequence of events unfolded when a concerned resident promptly alerted the Kiirua police station on the evening of Thursday, March 14th, reporting a double homicide in the Kibirichia area of Buuri East Sub-County. Shortly thereafter, the alleged perpetrator arrived at the police station, carrying a weapon tainted with evidence of the horrific crime.

Subsequently, the authorities took him into custody, detaining him in a cell. Identified as a 35-year-old male, the suspect’s arrest marked the beginning of an investigation into the harrowing incident.

Upon visiting the crime scene, law enforcement officers discovered the lifeless bodies of the suspect’s father, Julius Kirimi, aged 67, and one of his wives, Eunice Kangai, aged 38, lying in a pool of blood. Kirimi bore severe lacerations on his right arm, right side of the head, left palm, and left shoulder, inflicted by a sharp-edged instrument. Similarly, Kangai’s body exhibited cut marks on her upper left arm, neck, head, and right ear.

Initial inquiries revealed that tensions within the family had escalated, particularly concerning a dispute over a parcel of land. It is speculated that this simmering conflict may have precipitated the violent assault.

Following protocol, security officials transferred the deceased to the morgue pending autopsy and further investigative procedures. The murder weapon, identified as a machete, was confiscated and preserved as crucial evidence in the ongoing inquiry.

The authorities emphasized a troubling trend of rising homicide cases within the county, often stemming from disputes over land and other domestic matters. They noted that several similar cases were either undergoing legal proceedings in court or were still under active investigation, underscoring the urgency of addressing underlying social tensions and conflicts within the community.