In the event that hypotheses are genuine, U.S. President Barack Obama’s marriage may be on the rocks, and he is accepted to be becoming inaccessible from his wife, Michelle.

The French media on Monday observed this asserted inconvenience in Obama’s marriage and guaranteed that he may be undermining his wife with artist Beyonce.

Remarks on the issue were first made on Europe 1 radio station on Monday morning, Mail Online reported, including that Pascal Rostain, the photographic artist who took pictures of French president Francois Hollande furtively going by his partner, talked about the Obama-Beyonce undertaking.

“You know, right now, in the United States, there’s something colossal which is going to happen,” Rostain told questioner Jean-Marc Morandini, as indicated by Mail Online.

“For sure, it will turn out tomorrow in the Washington Post. We can’t say that it is from the drain press – a gathered contact between President Barack Obamaand Beyonce. I can guarantee you that the world will talk.”

The Washington Post denied that such a story is in progress, and a representative for Beyonce called the claimed undertaking “crazy”.

Revealing more insight into why he supposes an issue is fermenting in the middle of Obama and Beyonce, who have been companions throughout recent years, Rostain said: “To begin with, there are still or TV pictures of the Obama couple turning into somewhat removed. It is honest to goodness to make inquiries.

“We discovered the same thing, constantly through pictures, between [French President] Hollande and [his accomplice Valerie Trierweiler]. A while later, there was the gossip.

“Same for Obama and Beyonce, for instance. Only on the grounds that its gossip doesn’t imply that one ought not go in the field to check. We ought not overlook Marilyn [Monroe] or Monica Lewinsky.”

Beyonce has been an enthusiastic supporter of Obama, and in 2012, she even penned a public statement where she communicated her veneration of the president. She composed that Obama is the motivation behind why her little girl and nephew can grow up knowing they can be anything they need to be.

Obama, as well, has been vocal with his acclaims for Beyonce, at one point saying that Beyonce couldn’t be a superior good example for his young ladies – Malia and Sasha — in light of the fact that she holds herself with balance and class.

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