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Woman working as a house help in Saudi Arabia speaks out after mansion swept away by floods

Vero Gaps Waithera, a Kenyan native, found solace in TikTok as she grappled with the aftermath of a devastating loss. Having toiled for her possessions while working abroad in Saudi Arabia, she watched helplessly as torrential rains in Mai Mahiu, Nakuru County, mercilessly swept away everything she had acquired.

In a poignant TikTok post shared just a day prior, Ms. Waithera poured out her heart, tears streaming down her face, as she struggled to comprehend the extent of the destruction. With disbelief and anguish, she bemoaned the loss of her hard-earned assets, including a house she was in the process of building. The floods, ruthless in their fury, left her in a state of uncertainty, grappling with the daunting task of rebuilding her shattered life.

“God, I’m lost. All my savings, the home I was building in Mai Mahiu – all vanished. Everything is gone. I don’t know where to begin, my Lord. After all the sacrifices I made working abroad. Why me? Why, Lord? I’m at a loss… everything is gone, not a single thing left behind,” lamented Ms. Waithera in her raw and emotional plea.

The deluge, triggered by heavy rainfall, caused a gulley in Kiambu to overflow, sending cascades of water down to Naivasha Sub-County, unleashing chaos and devastation in Mai Mahiu. Regrettably, the calamity claimed the lives of 45 individuals, prompting ongoing rescue missions and relief efforts to aid the flood victims, many of whom now find themselves displaced from their homes.