She dumped me days to our wedding"- Kamuhunjia Recounts How His Wife To Be Flipped On Him
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“She dumped me days to our wedding”- Kamuhunjia Recounts How His Wife To Be Flipped On Him.

The worst heartbreak a person can face is when your spouse cancels on you at your wedding day and tops it with a no explanation as to why they flipped on you.

Former Tahidi High Actor, Hiram Maina popularly known a Kamuhunjia has come out to reveal how his fiancé dumped him few days to their scheduled wedding.

“I was in a serious relationship. I proposed to a woman I loved, and she said yes. We went for family introductions, and then life happened,” he said.

He said that she chickened out at the last minute and never called to explain why she did that and when they met, she had already gotten rid of her engagement ring.

“My now ex-girlfriend just told me we couldn’t continue with the relationship. When I looked at her finger, she did not have the engagement ring. Those words crushed me because I did not see it coming. We were planning to have our wedding in the next two months. It pained me,” said Hiram.


“I am very prayerful, and when she ended the relationship, I said it is well, and I would get over it. I knew it was God’s purpose.”

“You cannot just tell someone it is over. You should have a tangible reason. If I knew the reason, maybe I could have healed a long time ago. She left me wondering what I had done wrong. I have never known the reason why she left. But our God is gracious,” he stated.

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