Why Brian Chira Grandmother Requests to Have Him Buried In A Graduation Gown.

Brian Chira, a content creator and prominent figure on TikTok, will be laid to rest in a graduation gown, fulfilling a heartfelt request from his grandmother. The decision stems from his grandmother’s admiration for his academic prowess during his schooling years, as highlighted in a video shared on Mpasho.

Chira, who was pursuing his studies at Kabarak University at the time of his passing, had a reputation for academic excellence dating back to his days at Nkubu High School, where he was fondly remembered by classmates as a diligent and bright student.

The funeral ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, 2024, in Githunguri. Speaking on behalf of the family, Baba Talisha disclosed that Chira’s grandmother insisted on him being laid to rest in his graduation gown as a tribute to his intellectual achievements, citing his impressive academic record which culminated in an A- grade.

Tragically, Chira’s life was cut short due to a fatal accident in the Karuri area, as confirmed by the authorities. His body was recovered from the accident scene on March 16, 2023, and promptly transferred to City Mortuary at 3 am.

The police investigation revealed that Chira was struck by a speeding vehicle, prompting further inquiries into the incident. Currently, his remains rest at Kenyatta University (KU) mortuary, having been relocated from City Mortuary subsequent to the accident.