Crazy Kennar cute reaction to comments about ‘that NHIF’ boxer -

Crazy Kennar cute reaction to comments about ‘that NHIF’ boxer

On Monday, July 17, Crazy Kennar, the popular comedian, made a triumphant return to social media after a brief absence he attributed to dealing with depression. Prior to his hiatus, he had released a statement on July 13, explaining the need to take a break from content creation. This period of absence was marked by a turbulent time with his team, who controversially quit during that time.

In his first video since his return, Crazy Kennar made intriguing references to public servants. He was seen entering a house where the carpet was humorously labeled as a ‘corruption-free zone,’ poking fun at the signs commonly seen on Government Buildings. Inside the house, he playfully showcased various parastatals, which led Kenyans to discuss their experiences with the mentioned government agencies.

As expected, the video garnered significant attention, and it appears that Crazy Kennar paid attention to Kenyans’ reactions. On Wednesday, July 19, he posted a picture of himself playing golf and cheekily addressed the viral NHIF boxer situation. He playfully denied wearing the NHIF boxer, humorously saying, “Trust me, I am not wearing it😅,” in response to the comments from Kenyans on Twitter (KOT). Adding some light-heartedness, he used a video of the late Otieno Kajwang jogging while saying, “Get ready, get ready,” to caption his post, stating that he was committed to making the country happy.

Overall, Crazy Kennar’s return to social media and his playful reaction to the viral NHIF boxer video have sparked excitement among his fans and followers. His unique style of humor continues to resonate with many, and it’s evident that he aims to bring joy and laughter to his audience.