Eric Omondi: on How I make my money -

Eric Omondi: on How I make my money

Erick, a renowned comedian, has established himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. With a substantial following, he has generated millions of Kenyan shillings from his successful career.

Recently, Erick shared a video showcasing bundles of money and expressed his interest in launching a radio station. He even mentioned his plans to hire fellow comedian Oga Obinna for this venture.

Apart from his comedy gigs, Erick also collaborates with various brands to boost his income. He has partnered with companies such as gambling sites, pakamia, sportpesa, and a maize flour supplier. These endorsements contribute significantly to his financial success.

Furthermore, Erick earns additional revenue as the owner of a popular club in Lang’ata, which he opened earlier this year. The club’s activities contribute to his overall income.

In recent news, Erick was rumored to have participated in protests, known as Maandamano, in Nairobi and Kisumu counties. It is speculated that he secured lucrative deals worth millions of dollars by leveraging his influence on social media. There are even reports suggesting that he might consider running for office in the 2027 general elections.

Through his endeavors, Erick has also demonstrated generosity towards Kenyans by distributing free bundles of maize flour. His actions have inspired many aspiring comedians, highlighting the importance of dedication and hard work in achieving positive results in life.

In conclusion, Erick’s accomplishments in the entertainment industry and his plans for the future, such as launching a radio station and potential political involvement, reflect his ambition and determination. His success story serves as a motivation for others in pursuing their dreams.