Oga Obinna: Life is Not Fair, I Want Amberay But Pritty Vishy Is Busy Simping In My Inbox.

Renowned Kenyan comedian, content creator, MC, and former radio presenter, Oga Obinna, persists in his pursuit of Amberay, despite her happily married status to millionaire Kennedy Rapudo.

Despite Amberay’s marital bliss, Obinna consistently professes his admiration for her, a fact widely acknowledged. In a recent interview with Eddie Butita, Obinna divulged the contents of his inundated inbox, lamenting the plethora of unwanted attention from women. Perplexed by his romantic predicament, he mused over the irony of his desired affections not reciprocated while undesired advances flood his messages.

His inbox, he revealed, is inundated with approaches from single mothers, possibly attributing this to his own status as a single father. While these women vie for his affection, Obinna remains steadfast in his desire for someone akin to Amberay. He openly disclosed that Pritty Vishy had expressed romantic interest in him, adding another layer to his romantic conundrum.

Obinna candidly admitted to being discerning in his romantic pursuits, with a preference for curvaceous women. In previous interviews, he boldly proclaimed his readiness to step in should Rapudo falter in his marriage to Amberay. Despite never having approached her directly, Obinna harbors an enduring affection for Amberay, aspiring solely to be by her side.