“Sikutarajia”: Youth with Tattoo Disqualified From NYS Recruitment In Thika

A young individual from Thika, situated in Kiambu County, found themselves disqualified from National Youth Service (NYS) recruitment due to the presence of tattoos on their body. On Tuesday morning, the eager youth gathered at Thika Stadium for the recruitment process, only to face disappointment during the physical body check-up, resulting in the disqualification of a portion of the candidates who did not meet the specified requirements.

In a video clip shared by Citizen TV, the youth with tattoos expressed regret over their decision to ink their bodies, realizing the unforeseen consequences it would bring. One of the affected individuals shared their experience at the stadium, stating, “I came to Thika Stadium to undergo NYS recruitment, but I encountered issues that I never thought could happen because I was found with a tattoo. That tattoo caused my removal, and I was told I couldn’t proceed.”

The distressed young man added that when he got the tattoo during high school, he didn’t perceive it as a significant issue. Now faced with the harsh reality of his tattoo affecting his chances of securing a financial opportunity to transform his future, he reflected on the days he chose to have his body inked.

Realizing the impact of the tattoo on his aspirations, he appealed to experienced tattoo artists capable of removing permanent ink to come to his aid. In pursuit of his dream to become a police officer, he earnestly requested, “If there’s someone out there with experience in removing tattoos, I would be very grateful if they could come and help me achieve my goal.”