Pritty Vishy: Stivo Simple Boy alikua Bongolala, hakua anajua hata kutumia whatsapp na mpesa , hadi kuniguza hawezi.

Stivo Simple, the former boyfriend of Pritty Vishy, faced public scrutiny when she openly labeled him as a “dump head man.” This critique stemmed from Stivo’s apparent lack of proficiency in handling basic and commonplace items.

In a candid interview with Mungai Eve, Pritty Vishy disclosed that during Stivo’s challenging days in Kayole, he was unfamiliar with WhatsApp. Stivo’s deficiency in utilizing the messaging platform was attributed to his lack of understanding, and according to Pritty, his previous management had cautioned him that using WhatsApp could impede his progress.

Pritty Vishy further asserted that Stivo relied on her to learn how to use Mpesa. She claimed that he would share his private information with Mpesa attendants, leading him to withdraw money from random Mpesa locations. According to Pritty, Stivo’s alleged illiteracy played a role in his exploitation by his previous management.

In summary, Pritty Vishy publicly criticized Stivo Simple for his perceived lack of proficiency in handling basic items, citing examples such as his unfamiliarity with WhatsApp and reliance on her for learning how to use Mpesa. She also implied that Stivo’s previous management took advantage of his alleged illiteracy.