SEE What Murimi wa kahalf’s Daughter Is Undergoing”I Wish My Father Is Alive” -

SEE What Murimi wa kahalf’s Daughter Is Undergoing”I Wish My Father Is Alive”

Sammy Murimi Nderi, known by his stage name Murimi Wa Kahalf, passed away seven years ago at Saint Francis Hospital in Kasarani, leaving behind his parents, two wives, and two children. Prior to his departure, he had been admitted to Aga Khan Hospital for several weeks, engaged in a fierce battle against an enigmatic ailment before eventually being moved to St. Francis Hospital.

Despite his prominent status as one of the most renowned Kikuyu Benga musicians in the Mount Kenya region, his mother and daughter now find themselves ensnared in dire poverty, devoid of a place to call home. The daughter, presently in her second year of high school, found herself overwhelmed by emotion as she tried to convey the hardships she endures merely to persevere in life.

Tragically orphaned, her mother, also a prominent figure in the Kikuyu comedy industry under the name Nyakirata, had passed away a few years before the demise of her father, Murimi Wa Kahalf. Her grandmother, who happens to be Murimi Wa Kahalf’s mother, earns a living tending to elderly women, and this is where they take refuge when she returns from school, for they possess no other place to seek solace.

With tearful eyes fixed squarely on the camera, the daughter ardently wishes her father were still alive, lamenting that his affection could have ushered them into a more promising existence. She proceeds to express her anguish at witnessing her grandmother’s toil to secure her education, all the while ruminating on how her affluent and esteemed father’s assets were seized by a handful of individuals who neglected his family’s plight.

Now, she earnestly implores the followers and supporters of Murimi Wa Kahalf to extend a helping hand in covering her school fees and aiding in locating a suitable residence for her grandmother, nurturing a belief that their circumstances can one day be transformed for the better.