Homosexuality Crisis Rocks Anestar Boys High School-Form one's in trouble

Homosexuality Crisis at Anestar Boys High School-Form one’s in trouble

A homosexuality crisis is purportedly the reason for the mass exit of students at a well known learning institution in Nakuru.

As per a source who addressed a local publisher under secrecy, young Form 1’s and 2’s at Anestar Boys High School Lanet have been facing it rough from their senior partners in Form 3 and 4 to the degree that the vast majority of them have fled from the school.

Through a Direct Message (DM) on Twitter, the witness uncovered that before last week’s ,more than 10 parents had moved their son’s from the school.

“Hi, kindly expose Anestar boys high school in Nakuru, rumour has it that Form 1 & 2’s are really being sodomized by the senior form 3’s & 4’s,” she wrote.

The vile acts have been attributed by poor degrees of discipline inside the school said to be among the most expensive in the region.

“As it is many parents are moving their children from the school, the level of indiscipline in that school is unacceptable, when my neighbour went to clear her son, she found at least 10 other parents clearing their children from the school,” the source added.

The school was recently in the headlines when the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers have arrested ten of its students when they sneaked into their sister school, Anestar Precious Girls.

So serious was the showdown that the officers who reacted to the scene had to fire in the air.

As indicated by the Kenyan constitution, homosexuality is a felony per Section 162 of the Kenyan Penal Code and is punishable to 14 years imprisonment.