Sijawahi Kuona Nyoka – Njoki Murira Confirms That She is a V!rg!n

Njoki Murira, a social media sensation known for her captivating figure, made a surprising revelation in her New Year’s message.

Murira expressed that despite her alluring appeal and the attention she receives from admirers, no one has ever had the privilege of being intimate with her.

Furthermore, Njoki declared that she is currently single.

“I begin this year as a proud single woman, still a virgin. I take pride in who I am. Those who dislike me, please stay away, spread negativity elsewhere,” Njoki Murira wrote on her Facebook page.

Her message undoubtedly fuels the desires and determination of those who wish to explore a romantic connection with her.

At 23 years old, Njoki is a content creator who is widely recognized for her captivating videos where she showcases her impressive curves, leaving her followers longing for more.

Recently, Njoki reached a remarkable milestone of over 1 million followers on her Facebook page, solidifying her position as one of the most sought-after social media personalities in Kenya.