Murang'a Man Badly Beats Son After He Ate Special Meal Meant For His Girlfriend. -
Murang'a Man Badly Beats Son After He Ate Special Meal Meant For His Girlfriend
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Murang’a Man Badly Beats Son After He Ate Special Meal Meant For His Girlfriend.

There was drama at Kongoini shopping center, Murang’a County after a man allegedly beat his son for eating a special meal he had prepared for his girlfriend.

It is reported that Samuel Njuguna on May 8, beat his son and caused him serious head injuries after he found him busy eating the food meant for his special guest.

According to neighbors, Samuel’s wife died in 2019 after a long battle with blood cancer leaving behind a son who is now 14-year-old.

On the ill fated Saturday, Samuel had invited his girlfriend who he was hoping to wife and had cooked a mouth watering meal and warned his soon not to taste it.

The son who received treatment at a Murang’a Town Clinic said that he was hungry and there was no other food in the house hence eating the ‘special meal’.

“Dad had told me not to eat that food but he didn’t give me my own and I was hungry. The food he had prepared was smelling so good and I was tempted to taste,” the minor said amidst sobs.

Defending himself, Samuel said that he did not mean to cause harm to his son but the thought of losing his beloved new girlfriend was beyond imaginations.

“I love my son so much, but I had warned him not to taste that food before my guest arrived. When I went to fetch my girlfriend, we came back only to find this boy hungrily eating that food,” he said.

“I had saved the money to buy the special meal to please my girlfriend, but this boy has finished me, I think my girlfriend will break up with me and that will make me hate my son even more,” he continued to defend himself.

Neighbors condemned him for his despicable act saying that a baby can not be compared with food.

“He loves his son but what he did was unthinkable, you can’t kill your son over food. He should be arrested,” Sarah Njeri, a neighbor, commented.

Area Nyumba Kumi elders however had a sit down with Samuel where he is said to have asked for forgiveness and the matter was dissolved after the said girlfriend stated that he will not break up with Samuel.

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