SEE The Richest Businessmen In Kenya

This article presents a comprehensive list of the wealthiest businessmen in Kenya, with a focus on those who have a net worth of over US$30 million. It is worth noting that there are many millionaires in Kenya, but only the top earners are included here.

Kenya boasts some of the wealthiest individuals in East Africa, with a GDP of $70.539 billion. According to a survey conducted by Knight Frank, there are 42 ultra-high net worth individuals in Kenya, who are each worth over US$30 million, or KSh3.07 billion.

Manu Chandaria,

an immigrant who arrived in Kenya as a child in 1916, tops the list of the richest businessmen in Kenya. He is the founder of Comcraft Group, which employs over 40,000 people across 45 countries. Chandaria’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.7 billion, and he is one of East Africa’s most generous philanthropists.

Naushad Merali,

the founder of Kenyan mobile service company Kencell and French media powerhouse Vivendi, is another prominent figure on the list. His net worth is estimated to be around $550 million.

Media magnate S.K. Macharia, who controls a number of Vernacular, English and Kiswahili radio and television stations, including Hot 96 and Citizen TV, is also included in the list. Macharia has interests in various fields, including real estate, agriculture, banking and transportation. His net worth is reported to be $150 million.

In conclusion, these individuals are among the wealthiest businessmen in Kenya and have made significant contributions to the country’s economy and society.