Richest Governors & formers In Kenya -

Richest Governors & formers In Kenya

The wealthiest governors in Kenya are an impressive group, demonstrating the abilities and motivation required to excel in their chosen fields. This list is important in showcasing the most successful governors in the country, who have accumulated significant wealth and influence before even taking office. It’s clear that Kenyan politicians are typically expected to be wealthy.

The richest governor in the country is Ali Hassan Joho, who recently retired as the governor of Mombasa after completing his second term. Joho’s net worth is estimated to be around 8 billion Kenyan shillings, with most of his wealth coming from his shipping and logistics business. He also has high-end hotels in Mombasa and businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Kivutha Kibwana, the retired Makueni county governor, is a professor of law and an established entrepreneur. He has been in politics since 2002 and has accumulated a wealth estimated to be around 5 billion Kenyan shillings. Kibwana has been praised for his service delivery to the people of Makueni since he assumed office in 2013.

Wycliffe Oparanya, the retired governor of Kakamega County, is an expert in financial management, business, and auditing. He has been in politics for over twenty years and has managed to acquire immense wealth, estimated to be worth 4 billion Kenyan shillings.

Sospeter Ojaamong, the former governor of Busia, has much of his wealth from his business in real estate. He is estimated to be worth 3.8 billion Kenyan shillings and is a big sponsor of the ODM party.

Alfred Mutua, the retired governor of Machakos, has been in public service for over twenty years. He has investments in the media and hospitality industries, with a net worth estimated to be 3 billion Kenyan shillings.

Finally, Anyang Nyong’o, the governor of Kisumu, is a political science scholar and author who has been in politics since 1992. Nyong’o has worked in Mexico, Ethiopia, and Uganda, and is estimated to be worth 2 billion Kenyan shillings.

Overall, the richest governors in Kenya are an impressive group of successful politicians who have proven themselves in their chosen fields.