Man shares funny story of how he refused to eat his wife’s food after a quarrel, but eventually did – “hunger will kill me.

A man has shared a funny story on how he had an argument with his wife and due to the masculie toxity decided not to eat her food.

The man said that given by his deep African roots, he could not allow his wife win but he later changed his mind after hunger almost killed him.

I remember one time I had a serious disagreement with my wife & I decided not to eat her food as per hard African man. When she had slept, I went to pick a spoon & started scraping the top of the rice in the pot so that she will not notice the next morning.

After 5 attempts, I went to get a big spoon, filled a plate with a lot of rice and another with assorted meats. In my mind, I was like, We live to fight another day.Hunger will not kill me in my own house,

he posed.

Meanwhile, a lady has come out saying that she supports polygamy and is more than willing to be a second wife.

Sagbama Owe taking to Facebook said that it is better to be a second wife to the right person than being the first wife to the wrong person.

Being a second wife to the right person is better than being a first wife to the wrong person. I move,

She said.

In other news,Controversial city Preacher, Pastor Victor Kanyari has vowed that he will not attend his Ex-wife’s wedding stating that he is also more handsome that Betty’s current partner.

According to reports by a local daily, Kanyari said that he has already been invited to Betty’s wedding but said that he will offer to pay for their honeymoon.

I thought she was going to marry ‘Jesus’ after the hateful things she said about me. I can’t attend her wedding although I am invited.. She should continue with her life,

he stated.