Pritty Vishy: High School Teachers Feared Me” Nilikuwa na Body kubwa na nilikuwa Nimeiva Kuwaliko”

Pritty Vishy recently opened up about her high school years, shedding light on her past as a bully, a behavior she attributes to her struggles with obesity and size.

According to Vishy, she was the sole student in her school with a larger physique, initially taking pride in it. A photograph she shared depicted her in the white and blue high school uniform.

However, Vishy revealed her disdain for being labeled as “fat” and detested experiencing body-shaming and ridicule.

In addition, she admitted her affection for the school, not only for the food but also due to her involvement in bullying other students. Vishy acquired several nicknames as a result of tormenting her peers.

“Spot your girl! I was the school’s ‘kanono.’ I must confess, I enjoyed school partly because of the food and partly due to my involvement in bullying others. My size provided a certain level of immunity, even from the teachers, who hesitated to punish me as they did with others. It was quite an advantage,” Vishy wrote.

Earlier this month, the controversial content creator revealed dropping out of school in seventh grade and marrying her then-boyfriend. However, her first marriage was short-lived, prompting her to return to school after separating from her first husband. Unfortunately, Vishy dropped out again during her second year of high school to marry another man, yet this marriage also ended in failure.

Despite facing another unsuccessful marriage, Vishy decided to give education another chance and resumed her studies. However, she once again discontinued her schooling during her second year of high school to enter into her third marriage.

Regrettably, the third marriage, too, did not stand the test of time, leading Vishy to walk away from it as well.