“Bei yangu imepanda broke men like simple boy can’t afford me” Pritty Vishy -

“Bei yangu imepanda broke men like simple boy can’t afford me” Pritty Vishy

Pritty Vishy’s frustration regarding her relationship with Stivo Simple Boy amid rising food prices has sparked controversy and laughter among their supporters.

Pritty Vishy has been a frequent guest in various interviews where she has openly discussed her reconnection with Stivo Simple Boy. In her most recent interview, her statements left many amused and bemused.

During the interview, Pritty Vishy reacted strongly when asked about the possibility of reconciling with her ex-boyfriend. She asserted that Stivo’s financial situation made it impossible for him to cope with the soaring cost of living.

Her comments came in the wake of Stivo Simple Boy’s public appeal for food assistance after parting ways with his former employers.

Pritty Vishy remarked, “The cost of living has gone up, and men like Simple Boy, who are financially challenged, cannot afford to be with someone like me.”

On the flip side, Stivo Simple Boy appears to have grown accustomed to such remarks from his ex-girlfriend and has chosen not to respond. The Kibra-based socialite made these comments in response to a recent interview question, firmly denying any romantic involvement with financially struggling individuals.

Before their breakup in the middle of 2022, Stivo Simple Boy and Pritty Vishy had been in a relationship for several years. Since their separation, the gospel rapper has been linked to multiple relationships with different women.