Meet A Kenyan “UJI POWER” Seller Making KSH.100,000 Monthly From Selling UJI

“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade” is a well-known phrase intended to inspire individuals to maintain a positive outlook and make the best of challenging situations. Janet Chepkoech, a resident of Kericho, serves as a shining example of this principle as she embraced adversity and turned it into a lucrative business venture.

Ms. Chepkoech, originally a porridge vendor, explained in a prior interview that she ventured into this industry out of necessity to support her family, as she was the primary breadwinner and lacked formal employment.

Upon entering the porridge business, Chepkoech successfully built a loyal customer base, catering to a diverse clientele that included traders from various parts of the city and government officials from Kericho County.

This industrious mother of two reported daily earnings of up to Sh4,000, which, when working six days a week, translates to over Sh100,000 per month.

“On a typical day, I sell 10 liters of porridge—5 liters of fermented and 5 liters of non-fermented—priced at Sh20 per cup, along with over 100 chapatis before mid-morning. This enables me to make Sh4,000 a day,” explained the enterprising businesswoman.

“With such earnings, I am able to save, participate in table banking groups, and provide for my family,” she added.

To ensure the timely preparation and delivery of porridge and chapatis to her customers, Chepkoech emphasized the need to wake up in the early hours of the morning.

Having spent more than five years in the industry, Chepkoech emphasized that her top priority is to educate and support her children. She attributed her business success to consistently meeting customer expectations, receiving positive feedback, and attentively listening to her clientele.

“Maintaining high hygiene standards and building friendly relationships with customers have been instrumental in my success. I always strive to exceed my customers’ expectations, treating them with the utmost respect they deserve,” she elaborated.

Like any other business, Chepkoech’s venture encountered significant challenges. She highlighted the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which posed a substantial obstacle due to strict government containment measures. Although her business suffered, Chepkoech demonstrated resilience and managed to recover.