“RIP” Kenyan Lady Dies as People Watch Helplessly Live on Her Facebook (Video)

Kenyans have been left in deep mourning after a young lady identified as Hellen Wendy died in a swimming pool in the helpless watch of hundreds of people on her Facebook account where she was live recording.

Hellen who is a Kenyan working in Canada had just arrived from work in the afternoon when she decided to enjoy a swimming session while recording live on Facebook. She interacted with her followers while enjoying herself at the pool.

After about nine minutes, Hellen seemed overwhelmed by the water and she is heard screaming out for help while trying to save her dear life before finally going silent.

She stayed in the pool for three hours while her phone still streamed live on Facebook before people came.

At the time of this publication, the video had attracted more than a thousand comments from Kenyans who mourned her painful death.

Majority described her as a joyful lady and a strong woman who fought until her death.

Below are some of the sampled reactions: