‘Drama As Pastor Caught In The Act Doing The Unthinkable With Former Political Aspirant In Kilifi

A dramatic scene purportedly happened in Kilifi County ,on August 19, 2022, after a renowned city Pastor and former political aspirant were caught in the act of eating each other.

As per privy news sources the lady, who was an aspirant for a Member of County Assembly position in the fair completed elections, had gone to seek guidance, counseling, and moral support from the pastor after she failed to clinch the seat.

The minister advised her that she would recuperate her lost cash and energy assuming they she allowed him to engage her in the illicit act.

Reacting to the unbelievable act by the two lovebirds, Kenyans on Facebook had different views with Hunter Manson Brahmin stated that “If you’re very holy (no sins) throw stones to those 2 sinners…, today’s stones are insults on social media, getting photos and display them on social media, etc God will judge us and not us judging others.”

Sussanne also pointed out that “Pastors. I will die a Catholic at least where my money goes. I will support the radio Stations that are Christian and nothing else.”