”Sijawahi fua nguo kwa mikono yangu na sijui kupika ugali” Abigail Chams, a Tanzanian Artist Says.

Abigail Chamungwana, a prominent musician and social activist hailing from Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, who goes by the stage name Chams, firmly asserts that she prefers not to engage in manual clothes washing. According to her, if the need arises, she would opt for the convenience of using a washing machine, as this is an activity she has never attempted in her life.

During a live discussion on Clouds FM radio station, Chams candidly expressed her viewpoint, asserting that if she were in a relationship with a partner who insisted on hand-washing their clothes, she would willingly purchase a washing machine to ease the chore. In her own words, she remarked, “Kufua nafua kweli ila nyumbani tunatumia machine kwa hivyo siwezi kufua na mikono, lakini nadhani kwamba nikijaribu nitaweza labda.” (I do indeed wash clothes, but at home, we use a machine, so I cannot wash them by hand. However, I think I might be able to do it if I try.)

She further elaborated on her stance, saying, “Ikiwa ni lazima na atasisitiza nifanye hivyo, basi itanilazimu nimnunulie machine, ila naweza kujaribu kufua na mikono lakini sina uhakika kama nitaweza.” (If it’s necessary, and someone insists I do it that way, then I’d have to buy a machine for them. However, I can attempt hand-washing, but I’m not sure if I can manage it.”)

Earlier in the conversation with the radio station, Chams admitted that although she is proficient in cooking various dishes, she lacks the skill to prepare the staple Tanzanian dish known as ugali.

Chams, at the age of 20, serves as a youth advocate for UNICEF in Tanzania, actively participating in programs aimed at addressing mental health and gender equality issues. She dedicates a significant portion of her time to her youth initiative, “Teen Talks with Abby Chams,” which strives to create awareness among young individuals regarding mental health challenges. This program provides a safe platform for young people to openly discuss the difficulties they encounter and learn effective coping strategies. Her recent interview has sparked diverse reactions from her fans, particularly when she revealed her lack of experience in romantic relationships and sexual encounters.