Guardian Angel 33 and Wife 53 Esther Musila Speak About Having Their Own Baby  

Guardian Angel, whose real name is Peter Omwaka, and his partner Esther Musila exchanged vows in an intimate garden wedding on January 4th, 2022. The special occasion coincided with Guardian’s 33rd birthday, adding to the significance of the event.

Amidst the public’s curiosity, many wonder if Esther and Guardian Angel plan to have biological children of their own. When asked about the possibility of pregnancy, Esther responded in a rather blunt manner, expressing her intolerance for such inquiries.

Eunice Akinyi congratulated Esther Musila on her post, eagerly anticipating the arrival of a child. In response, Esther questioned whether they were expecting a child for Eunice instead, emphasizing her dissatisfaction with such questions.

During a recent interview on the YouTube channel Plug TV, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila shared their perspective on having children, emphasizing that it was not a necessity but something they were open to.

“The decision to have a child is in God’s hands. If God blesses us with the bonus of a child, then that’s fine. However, even if that doesn’t happen, it doesn’t diminish the love we have for each other. Our love and the way we make each other feel is what truly matters to us. It brings me immense peace, and that’s what’s important. So, having a child is a bonus for us. If we have one, great; if not, it doesn’t diminish my love for my partner,” Guardian Angel expressed.

Esther Musila added, “Because even if we have a child, that child belongs to us, not to society. So, what purpose would society have for that child? Our focus is on our love for each other and how we feel. That’s our priority.”

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