Father of Man Who Killed His Wife Says Her Son Sold All His Assets to Fund Her Education

Growing up in Elgeyo Marakwet, Kenya, Evans Kosgei encountered numerous academic obstacles, facing difficulties in completing Form Four and having to repeat it multiple times.

However, amidst these challenges, fate intervened, bringing Evans into the path of Jackline Jemutai Kimaiyo, who would eventually become his cherished wife.

Their shared journey took an unexpected turn when Jackline became pregnant with their child. Determined to provide the best for their growing family, Evans made the decision to take Jackline to his parents’ home, where their child was warmly received.

It was during this time that Evans made a pivotal choice that would shape their future: to liquidate their assets, including trees and livestock, in order to finance Jackline’s education.

Evans’ father revealed the depth of his son’s sacrifices, recounting how they had mutually agreed to sell the family’s assets to support Jackline’s educational aspirations.

Taking on the laborious task himself, Evans proceeded to cut down the trees he had planted and sell their livestock, all with the goal of securing a brighter future for his beloved wife.

However, their narrative was tragically cut short. The community was shaken to its core by the devastating news of Evans and Jackline’s untimely demise, which sent shockwaves throughout their tight-knit community.

Learning of the heartbreaking news through phone calls and social media platforms, their family was left grappling with disbelief and searching for answers.