“Wanawake Wajaluo Wanapeana Sana ,Huko Chini Hakuna Kitu ,Kumebomolewa” Pastor Ng’ang’a Condemns Akothee’s Habit Of Jumping From One Man To Another

Pastor James Ng’ang’a, the leader of the Neno Evangelism Center, has expressed strong disapproval of musician Akothee’s behavior, characterizing her tendency to move from one relationship to another as ethically questionable.

In a recent statement, this controversial religious leader has urged Luo women to refrain from engaging in sexual misconduct to avoid potential divine repercussions. Pastor Ng’ang’a underscores the notion of soul ties, attributing them to the downfall of humanity, and highlights that Akothee, despite her significant following in Kenya, sets a negative example for society.

In an impassioned address to his congregation, he commented, “The behavior exhibited by this Luo woman known as Akothee is nothing short of morally problematic. Transitioning from one man to another is a practice that goes against the teachings of the Almighty. Nowadays, some Luo women display behavior that rivals even that of the Kisii community. Akothee, I implore you to seek forgiveness for your actions.”

In response to Pastor Ng’ang’a’s remarks, many Kenyan citizens have taken to social media platforms to express their disagreement. They argue that the pastor’s critique appears to target a specific community rather than addressing individual behavior. Some social media users are demanding that Pastor Ng’ang’a issue a public apology to the women of the Luo and Kisii communities within 24 hours or face potential consequences within his Gospel ministry.