Bernice Saroni finally shares truth about divorce from hubby & relationship with Samidoh

Bernice Saroni, a Kenyan music promoter now residing in the United States and a dear friend of Edday Nderitu, recently shared insights into her connection with Samidoh and put to rest the swirling speculations surrounding her involvement in the alleged separation between Samidoh and his wife. During an interview with Obinna on October 23, Bernice shed light on her life in the U.S., clarifying the circumstances that led her to relocate to America.

Bernice’s Life in the U.S. Bernice commenced her narrative by recounting her journey to the United States. She explained that in November 2018, she made the decision to move to the U.S. with her four children due to marital challenges she had been facing with her husband. She underscored the fact that her husband was supportive of her choice, recognizing that it was in the best interests of their children.

Emotional Impact of Divorce on Bernice Saroni Divorce is a profoundly demanding experience, and Bernice openly shared how it took a toll on her children and her mental well-being. The separation deeply affected her children, who were accustomed to seeing their parents together, making the adjustment quite significant.

Clarifying Her Relationship with Samidoh Addressing the rumors surrounding her alleged romantic involvement with Samidoh, Bernice firmly emphasized that they share a familial bond and are not romantically linked. She reiterated her strict stance against dating married men and made it clear that it is against her values to date family members, including Samidoh. Bernice also expressed her belief that people tend to jump to conclusions about romantic involvement when they see a man and a woman together.

Regarding the allegations that arose after Samidoh’s performance in the U.S., during which he and Bernice were seen together, she clarified that their interactions were purely work-related. Samidoh being a musician, the time spent together was part of their professional collaboration, and Bernice underscored that Samidoh had his separate accommodation.

Bernice’s Position on Karen Nyamu and Any Alleged Conflict Bernice also addressed the insinuation that she had a role in the separation of Samidoh and Edday. She firmly stated that she had no involvement in the couple’s marital issues and conveyed her affection for Edday, stressing their closeness. Bernice made it clear that her primary concern is Edday’s well-being and happiness, asserting that she is not Samidoh’s wife and has no authority to offer advice on Edday’s marriage.

Furthermore, Bernice dismissed any notion of an ongoing conflict with Karen Nyamu, another woman associated with Samidoh. She clarified that she was not aware of any ongoing disputes with Karen but expressed her disapproval of the concept of ‘side chicks’ in relationships.