Andrew Kibe: Mimi Niko Ready Kupanda Ndege Nikuje Nitoe Akothee Nyege, Awache Kusumbua Wakenya

The ongoing feud between Esther Akoth, famously known as Akothee, and Andrew Kibe has escalated into a heated and acrimonious exchange. These two notable personalities are deeply engaged in a verbal conflict, which seems unlikely to abate due to their uncompromising personalities.

The dispute was instigated by Kibe, who initially drew a comparison between Akothee and Millicent Omanga. In addition to this, he levied disparaging remarks at Akothee’s wedding, criticizing her makeup choices and even targeting her husband, Omosh.

Akothee took her time to process these insults, and within a week, she chose to retaliate against Andrew Kibe. Via her official Facebook page, she branded Kibe a failure and derided him as a man with diminished virility. Regrettably, her response also included the use of coarse language to insult Andrew Kibe.

However, Akothee’s response inadvertently stoked the flames further, prompting Andrew Kibe to launch a counterattack. He began by asserting that Akothee lacked any substantial positive contributions, suggesting that her decision to pursue a relationship with a younger white man reflected her own shortcomings.

Kibe also implied that Omosh, Akothee’s husband, might not be fulfilling his marital obligations adequately, thereby suggesting his own readiness to take up the task. He humorously indicated his willingness to fly in from the United States to personally address Akothee’s conjugal needs, ensuring her complete satisfaction before promptly returning stateside.

Kibe went on to assert that providing Akothee with a metaphorical “good cucumber” would potentially quell her clamor and put an end to what he deemed as unnecessary disturbances she was causing among Kenyans. He advised her to prioritize her relationship and desist from engaging in online battles with individuals he labeled as failures.

In essence, the ongoing confrontation between Akothee and Andrew Kibe has intensified, marked by a series of retaliatory exchanges. The nature of their personalities and their mutual refusal to back down suggests that this war of words may persist, holding the attention of the public with its dramatic twists and turns.