” Ako 20 Years Na Rosecoco Yake Isha expire Tayari” Vera Sidika Insults Shakila -

” Ako 20 Years Na Rosecoco Yake Isha expire Tayari” Vera Sidika Insults Shakila

The feud between renowned street queen Shakila Tiffany and emerging socialite Vera Sidika has escalated into a heated clash. The two prominent figures have taken to the internet to engage in a fierce verbal battle.

The genesis of this conflict can be traced back to an interview with online media, where Shakila Tiffany was asked about her opinions on Vera Sidika. Without hesitation, Shakila launched a scathing critique against Vera, suggesting that she is no longer relevant. Shakila went on to express that Vera should redirect her attention towards motherhood and relinquish her online twerking antics, which she deemed frivolous.

In swift response, Vera Sidika retaliated by unveiling evidence of Shakila’s past admiration for her lifestyle, accusing her of hypocrisy for praising her privately while disparaging her in public. This exposé aimed to highlight Shakila’s contradictory stance.

Vera took the dispute a step further by delivering a potent blow to Shakila Tiffany’s reputation. She asserted that despite being only 20 years old, Shakila’s romantic allure resembles that of a 44-year-old woman. Vera contended that Shakila’s allure has faded prematurely, insinuating that by the time she reaches 28 years of age, she will have lost her appeal entirely.

Though both individuals hold a status as socialites, Vera Sidika boasts substantial success in the business realm, with a substantial portion of her wealth stemming from her socialite persona. Conversely, Shakila is still in the process of developing her career and accumulating resources, often relying on relationships with affluent individuals to secure her financial standing.