Dem wa Facebook: Ringtone Apoko ni Maskini , Anatumia Simu ya Lipa Mdogo mdogo, 20 Bob Daily na Bado Anashindwa.

Dem wa Facebook has taken a stand against Ringtone Apoko’s derogatory remarks regarding her appearance. Following Apoko’s disparaging comments in a recent interview, where he labeled her as unattractive and resembling a man, Dem wa Facebook has responded with her characteristic resilience and wit.

In a live broadcast alongside Oga Obinna, Dem wa Facebook addressed Apoko’s insults head-on. She countered by highlighting Apoko’s financial status, asserting that he is a man of limited means who resorts to flaunting rented vehicles. She revealed that the only semblance of wealth he possesses is a mansion gifted to him by an older woman, implying that his material boasts are hollow.

Moreover, Dem wa Facebook expressed astonishment upon discovering that despite Apoko’s supposed fame, he lacks basic luxuries such as an iPhone, instead relying on a modest Lipa mdogo mdogo phone with a daily payment plan. She seized upon this as evidence of Apoko’s financial struggles and suggested that his online bravado masks a reality of hardship and insolvency.

In essence, Dem wa Facebook has turned the tables on Apoko, exposing what she perceives as his insecurities and hypocritical behavior. Rather than succumbing to his demeaning remarks, she has chosen to confront him with biting commentary of her own, asserting her agency and resilience in the face of adversity.