Reactions After TikToker Gives Pastor Kanyari Packets of Condoms During Church Service

TikToker Faith M Peters caused a stir when she visited Pastor Kanyari’s church and presented the preacher with three unexpected gifts, including a pack of condoms.

The businesswoman handed Pastor Kanyari a small package wrapped in newspaper. When he opened it at the pulpit, he found three items inside: a Kotex liner, Arimis petroleum jelly, and a pack of condoms.

Faith then shared a surprising revelation, confessing that she had dreamt of marrying Pastor Kanyari. Acknowledging that many women are attracted to him, she advised him to use protection.

“I see women really want Pastor Kanyari, so I bring him the gift of life protection. Use protection, father, don’t reject women,” she stated.

Faith declared her love for the controversial preacher and urged him to marry her.

“I want you to leave there from Rish Kamunge and come here. We will have more children than the American children; I’m tired,” she said.

Faith’s actions sparked mixed reactions online, with some accusing her of disrespecting the church.

Monique’s Danielson commented, “Eish, you’re moving too fast. You don’t even fear the man of God.”

Mercy Mutuli expressed, “Ooh God, have mercy upon us.”

Ngetich Langat Jeff remarked, “That was the best gift ever been awarded.”

Festus Murithi Poul questioned, “Condoms in church?? Pastor, oh my.”

Pappa Samwely Comedian suggested, “The lady may be signifying something.”

Shiku Philip simply stated, “This is too much.”