Teen girl dies in Mukuyu,Murang'a county after Marathon Sex with sponsor
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Teen girl dies in Mukuyu,Murang’a county after Marathon Sex with sponsor

Police in Muranga are investigating circumstances under which a young teenage girl died while having sex with an alleged sponsor in mukuyu, muranga county on sunday.

According to witnesses,the girl had physical tears on her private parts,which was believed to have being caused by them having rough sex.

When police visited the lodging located in mukuyu town, they found an assortment of drugs where the lifeless body of the girl was lying.The incident happened in a famous lodging known as Posta in mukuyu town.

Her body has since been transferred to murang’a county mortuary for a postmortem examination.

The man who the said girl was with had reportedly booked a room as he waited for her to finish taking her beer at the same lodging’s bar.

As per a police statement, the man is on the run with his identity remaining anonymous.